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17210 Penn. Vol. Inf. 148th   Diary in ink for almost
8 months of 1864 of Corp. Jacob Breckbill and 3
family tintypes.
 On the first page of his diary he

“Should I die on the battlefield or in the hospital for
the sake of humanity aquaint to Catheren Breckbill
residing at Petersburg Center Co. Pa. of the fact
where my remains may be found.  Jacob Breckbill.”

Other excerpts:

May 10  This morning there was heavy skirmishing
about one o clock we fell back the rebs had a line of
battle advancing we formed a line of battle and faut
them 2 hours our los was 29 wounded and 4 kilt.

May 11  We lade in line of badtle in breastwork
their was some scurmish fyre and some canading
about 4 o clock it comenst to rain and raint 4 hours
at 10 we left and march 2 mils to the left of our line
their we late till morning we hat no sleep.

May 12  Our devesion mate a charge on the rebel
works we carrit it and to 70,000 brisners and 30
cannons our loss was heavy we hat cannon and
musket fire all day it raind a little all day nearly.

May 23  This morning we started and marched
about 12 miles to whair we met our enemy at the
northern river their was heavy musketry and
canonating in the evening Gen. Burney’s Division
mate a charge and carried 2 breastworks we mate
breastworks there.

June 4  We late in line of battle and poud up
breastworks within 100 yards of the rebel works
their was heavy cananating and musketry in the
evening it comensed to rain and raint all night
expected an attact it was all quiet.

June 7  We was still their their was some pickett
fyre until five o clock in the evening the rebs come
over with a flag of truth to bury their dead it was
then quiet there.

June 17 To day our men mate a charge carried 2
lines of breastworks and a fort we took some
prisoners and some artillery it was warm.

June 18  There was still some skirmishing all along
the line Major Foster was wounded on the picket

June 21  This morning our devesion advanced then
hat to fall back agin in their works their was hard
fighting in the afternoon it was very warm all day.

June 22  There was som hevy firing along the line
some heavy canonating in the evening our regiment
went on picket thay hat hevy musketry all along the
line the whether was warm.

July 27  This morning our division had a small
skirmish we drove them back and took 4 pieces of
artillery and 20 prisners the gun boat was engaged
we advanced our line a mile and a half further we
was on picket.

August 6  This morning I was relief from guard we
got pade for 4 months 58 dollars dress parade as