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17273 11th US Army Capt. Alfred E. Latimer & wife   Pair of CDV’
s.  Capt. Latimer was with the 11th US Army during the Civil War.  
Later he was brevetted a Lt. Col. in Feb. 1890  for gallant services in
action against Indians on the North Fork of the Red River, Texas in
Sept. of 1872.  No backmarks.  $275/pr   


Major Latimer passed his boyhood in Augusta, Georgia, where he
attended a private school and carefully prepared for college.
Receiving the appointment in 1848, he entered West Point as a
cadet, and was there graduated in 1853. General McPherson,
General Schofield and General Phil Sheridan were classmates of his.
July 1, 1853, he was commissioned a brevet second lieutenant in the
Fourth United States Infantry; was commissioned second lieutenant
February 5, 1855, in the Second Infantry, and then promoted first
lieutenant April 18, 1859. He was appointed captain of the Eleventh
United States Infantry, May 14, 1861, accepted August 25, and was
transferred to the Twenty-ninth Infantry, September 21, 1866. He
was promoted major of the Nineteenth Infantry, June 25, 1867, and
for a time he was unassigned for special duty, but was assigned to
the Fourth Cavalry, December 15, 1870. He retired from the service
March 20, 1879, and on the 27th of February, 1890, was breveted
lieutenant-colonel. This promotion was for gallant services in action
against the Indians on the north fork of the Red river, Texas,
September 29, 1872. He was popular both with the men under him
and with his fellow officers, and at all times was a gallant and
fearless soldier, ready to perform any duty which fell to his lot. His
loyalty as a citizen and his devotion to his country's interests have
ever been among his marked characteristics, and he has the respect
and confidence of all who know him. Since 1890 he has made his
home at Bronxville, New York.

Major Latimer married Miss Rosa Gear, a sister of the Hon. John
H. Gear, now United States senator from Iowa.