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17340  Inventor and General Thomas William Harvey  1/6 plate daguerreotype of
the well-dressed general in mid-life.  He is resting his hands on a walking stick.  
“He became a brigadier general in the New York State Militia. A man of great
inventive genius he invented the gimlet-pointed screw, the cam motion and the
toggle joint.” Harvey died in 1854.    $375

Thomas W. Harvey, later known as General Harvey, was born in Wardsborough,
Vermont, July 22, 1795. He came to Jamestown in 1816, having been engaged to
set up some machinery for the "cotton factory." He remained for some time,
repairing machinery and engaged in blacksmithing. Later he went to Kiantone,
but in 1819 he was persuaded to return to Jamestown, where Judge Prendergast
offered him any lot he might choose, and promised him plenty of work. He built a
house on the northwest corner of Pine and Third Streets, and later built a
blacksmith shop where he worked with his brother Charles. The Harveys were
both skillful mechanics and successful inventors. Thomas having invented two
important machines which were at that time in successful operation. In 1832 he
removed to New York where he spent the greater part of his time in perfecting
his inventions, among which were the first machine for turning out pins with solid
heads, and the first machine for turning screws. “A member of the original colony
that went from Wardsboro, Vt and founded Jamestown, NY.