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18020 Commander William B. Cushing  War Date ALS,
tipped onto another piece of paper.  Commander Cushing
was an officer in the U.S. Navy, best known for sinking the
Confederate ironclad CSS Albermarle during a daring
nighttime raid on October 27, 1864, a feat for which he
received the Thanks of Congress.  “National Hotel,
Norfolk, Va., Oct 7, 1864.  Commander Domin, Sir, Did
not the picket boats leave on Tuesday, as I ordered? I
have heard nothing since I left Baltimore and am anxious
about them.  Please answer.  Respectfully, W. B. Cushing,
Lieut. U.S.N.  Commander Domin, U.S.N.  Commdg Naval
Station, Baltimore, Md.”  Written 3 weeks before his
attack on the CSS Albermarle.  The boats mentioned he
planned to use in the attack.  $750