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18152  Letter to Lincoln Friend, Photographer and Baptist minister F.
W. Ingmire and his wife Mary.  
From Elijah Grou, Quincy, September
7, 1852 giving news of the church they had recently left in Quincy.  
“…The congregation that meets at the Baptist Church is still pretty
large though not to be compared with last winter for numbers.  There
has been some additions to the church since you was here.  I think
three or four, amongst them Mrs. Browner (Jutellis mother).  She has
been a Methodist for several years but seemed not to have been
satisfied with her sprinkling for baptistm.  Some three or four have
been turned out of the church and now one or two under church
discipline for unbecoming conduct – one of them is Doctor Allen…he
has been getting drunk two or three times and notwithstanding it can
be proved by good substantial witnesses still he denies it and insists that
the church is trying to persecute him, his case will be called up next
Saturday and I have no doubt he will be expelled from the church as he
undoubtedly desires….You have our very best wishes for your success
as a minister and we hope …to hear of a revival at Pittsfield which
shall add many…to the Baptist church of such as shall be saved….I
must possibly be at Alton on the 22nd of this month there to meet the
trustees of the College to transact some business of great importance to
the future welfare of the College….Truly yours Elijah Grou.  $35