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18185  4th President of Brown University Dr. Francis Wayland  A group of items
relating to Dr. Wayland. 1/2 plate daguerreotype of Dr. Wayland in his robes.  Split
case with green pad.  $1,750

Comes with the following:

1. A paper bound copy of the “Proceedings in reference to the resignation of President
Wayland and the induction of President Sears” dated 1856.  

2. A paper bound copy of a sermon preached in the West Church, Boston, by C. A.
Bartol, Junior Minister.  Dr. Wayland has signed this item on the front cover.  

3. A newspaper article from the Providene “Evening Bulletin” from Tuesday, March 6,
1945, titled “Examination and Appreciation of Brown’s Great President.”  

4. An obituary for Dr. Wayland printed in Harper’s Weekly (no date, but he died Sept.
30, 1865.)