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18339  Corporal 3rd US Infantry  Cabinet card of a 3rd
US Infantry Corporal in uniform.  Marked Gilmartin,
St. Paul.  $55         

After the Civil War, the 3rd Infantry served in Kansas,
Colorado and the Indian Territory (later the state of
Oklahoma) from 1866 to 1874. It then served in
Louisiana and Mississippi from 1874 to 1877 and
Montana, Minnesota and South Dakota from 1877 to

During the Spanish–American War, the regiment served
in Cuba from June 14 to August 25, 1898, where it
participated in the Santiago Campaign and fought at the
Battle of San Juan Hill.

After returning from Cuba, the 3rd Infantry was
stationed at Fort Snelling in Minnesota. On October 5,
1898, a force of about 80 men—including soldiers of the
3rd Infantry, U.S. Marshals and Indian Police—fought
in the Battle of Sugar Point against 17 members of the
local Pillager Band of Chippewa Indians near the Leech
Lake Reservation. The United States forces lost 6
soldiers and one Indian Police officer killed and another
14 wounded. There were no casualties among the
Chippewa. Hospital Steward (later Major) Oscar
Burkard received the Medal of Honor for rescuing
casualties during the battle. The Battle of Sugar Point
was the last battle fought between the United States
Army and Native Americans.