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Family Portraits in Double Dag Case – A
pair of 6th plate daguerreotypes in a book-
style double case. The first portrait is of
Mom and a curly-haired little boy still
wearing a dress. Mom is wearing an elegant
black dress with a fancy lace collar and lace
undersleeves. Drop earrings, a gold brooch,
and a black velvet bracelet complete her
outfit. Despite her attempt to hold her son’s
head still, he was a little wiggly, and his face
and left hand are slightly blurred. The plate
has some small scattered scratches. Dad,
with his receding hairline, is featured in the
other dag.  He is wearing a 3-piece black suit
with a thin black bowtie, and is seated by a
small table with a blue-tinted tablecloth. A
nice plate with some minor mat abrasions.
The bookstyle case, which is in fine
condition, has tinted flowers on the covers
and a working clasp.       $225.00