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11550 Colorado Gold Mining Letter
-  A.W. Hoyt (1846- ?) author
of Over the Plains to Colorado about
Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. ADS, 1p
(front and back), 10” x 7 ½” and
envelope 5 ½” x 3 ½”. Boston,
Massachusetts, November 15, 1865.
Very Good with minor yellowing
and couple of holes along folds.  
Letter states “ received a letter from
Gen Buford saying he would be here
the last of the month with reports
and _____ Gold project, with which
he is highly pleased and says if he
was 10 years younger he could make
a fortune in Colorado.  He wants our
project  put through.  This investor
he is a working capital of $40,000
and then he will go out by himself
and take charge of it.  I make no
pay.  About my plans, will be to have
you go with him, and before you go
you must leave the dry assaying”
(dry assaying is the ore is fused and
the metal is finally obtained in a
pure state).  Goes on…” After you
graduate to remain another two
months or possibly three and then go
another month to Brown’s museum
to learn the dry assaying ready to go
with general when gets ready which
would not be before nay first….Say
not a word about what we intend to
doing or what you ever intend
doing.  Keep perfectly quiet.”  The
envelope is torn on the left side to be
opened and has a three cent stamp
on it. $275