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11620 Miller Dakota Territory cabinet card (6 ¼ x 4 ¼)
showing a two story building.  In front  stands a
congregation of people either posing for the picture or
waiting for the next stagecoach. A buckboard can be seen to
the right.  Front marked J.N. Templeman, Photographer,
Miller, Dakota.  I found this ad for J.N. Templeton.  J.N.
Templeman has recently opened a very neat gallery on
Second and Arno Streets. The building is 18x30 feet and is
divided into a reception room, operating room and one or
two others. The whole cost Mr. Templeman some $2000.
Mr. Macy, the photographer, is at present in the east but
will be in Miller in a few days. They do first class work and
it is safe to predict a good business for Mr. Templeman. He
has on hand a stock of elegant picture frames, albums, etc.
The public is respectfully requested to make a call and
crack the camera.  $100