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12017   The Historical Society elected Ruger to become one of its
members, and so sent this partly printed letter on September 29,
1873. LS, 1 pp, 7.875”/ 9.875”, West Point NY., 11/29/1873. West
Point New York. A letter from John W. Jordan of the Historical
Society of Pennsylvania to Maj. General Thomas H. Ruger  $30  

John W. Jordan, John. W. Jordan, who had a doctorate in law, was
the secretary of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, founded in
1824. The organization was created during, and inspired by, the
visit of Marquis de Lafayette to the group’s birthplace of
Philadelphia. Its goal at the time was to preserve and appreciate
history, and their creed varied very little since then. The recipient,
Maj. General Thomas H. Ruger, was the superintendant of West
Point at the time. He had served in the Union Army, first being
Lieutenant Col. in the 3rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment,
but being promoted to Col. on August 20, 1861. During the Battle
of Antietam, on November 1862, Col. Ruger was wounded while
commanding a brigade in 1st Division, of XII Corps. When the
Draft Riots broke out on June 13 1863 in New York, Col. Ruger
assisted in suppressing them. On November 30th, 1864, the Col.
was promoted to Brevet Maj. General, in light of his performance
in the Battle of Franklin. Come 1871, Maj. General Ruger was
appointed as superintendent of West Point. By this time, he had
made historic progress in culling the undesirable practice of
“hazing” from the school. Secretary of War William Belknap
admired and commended Ruger’s performance, as did many cadets.