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13540 Defense of Nebraska Frontier Settlements 1856  by Charles J. Faulkner,
Virginian Congressman, , 6”x 9.5”, 8 pp, June 23 1856, printed report containing
copies of letters by Mark Izard, Jefferson Davis, and William Harney
The noteworthiness of this document may be divided into two categories: the
content of the document, and the significance of the contributors. The document
itself is a report composed by Representative Charles Faulkner, containing typed
copies of letters of Governor of Nebraska Mark Izard, Secretary of War Jefferson
Davis, and Brevet Brigadier General William Harvey. In the report, Izard reports
the grim situation of the Nebraska frontier against the Indians, and requests more
troops from Secretary Davis. In particular, Izard highlights how he will be
compelled to use his own funds in order to raise a volunteer force while further aid
is sent, as a necessary measure to preserve the front’s security. According to him,
many settlers are leaving as a result of both the Indian menace and the lack of
protection from American troops. Secretary Davis responds that he cannot send
many troops there without Congress’ approval, but he can dispatch General
Harvey to provide a temporary reinforcement. It is a departure from more well-
known history to see Jefferson Davis acting in such a great effort to preserve the
Union, protecting it, even, from external attacks. His interests in this letter are
sharply distinct from what they would have been in eight years’ time.  $110