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14339 Rev J.P.B. Wilmer - CDV portrays the Reverend J.
P.B. Wilmer who was accused of espionage.  He poses next
to a column which is partially covered by a pulled
curtain.  He wears a three-piece suit, including a jacket
with tails.  According to the book Suspected and Disloyal
Persons, he left Philadelphia for Virginia in 1861.  He was
arrested and imprisoned in the old capitol prison in Fort
Monroe.  In 1863 he was released and banished to
Richmond.  In addition to having $175 in currency on
hand, the following articles (plus more) were found in his
possession at the time of his capture: 170 spools of silk, 31
rolls of tape, 26 new white linen shirts, 48 pairs of boots,
shoes and rubbers, 650 envelopes, 6 reams paper, 50
paper pins and finally 10 pounds of coffee.  Frontmark on
image reads “Earles’ Galleries, Philadelphia,” and back
mark reads “Earles’ Galleries and Looking Glass Ware-
Rooms 816 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.”  $50