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16055  Leavenworth City, Kansas   DS dated June 23, 1858 addressed to Isaac
Winston, Esq.  “We the undersigned members of the Leavenworth Bar desire to
express to you our regret that you have been removed from the office of U.S.
Marshall for this territory.  You have discharged the duties of the office entirely to
the satisfaction of everyone.  We have never heard a fault found or a complaint made
of your official course.  We believe you to have been entirely acceptable to the
people of Kansas, and as a private citizen, your deportment since you have resided
here has been unexceptionable.”  List of names follows. Retained copy. In ink on
blue rag laid paper, 1 1/3 pages (address panel has been removed.)  Folds archivally
reinforced.  $225
Bleeding Kansas U.S.
Marshall 1858!