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16472 Battle of Fredricksburg Commisssion  
John Dawes O’Connelll 14th US Infantry.  The
14th was a hard fought unit that saw action at at
Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg,
Wilderness and Petersburg.  They were on Little
Round Top at Gettysburg. The signatures of
Johnson and Stanton are stamped.  $250

"From this point the battalion received a severe
fire from the woods, which was turned by the
battalion, slowly retiring in good order to the
lane near the house referred to, where it took up
and held a position until the troops were drawn
from the field. During this engagement five
officers, - Captain McIntosh, Lieutenants
Sinclair, McElhone, Lyon and Hoover - were
wounded, the last three badly. Eighteen enlisted
men were killed, 113 wounded, and 12 missing.
The list of killed is probably greater than here
stated. The officers and men behaved well. At
night crossed the Chickahominy and encamped
on the ground that had been occupied by the
general headquarters near Savage Station."

Captain J. D. O’Connell
14th Infantry, Commanding Battalion
Official Report 146, War of the Rebellion

John Dawes O'Connell
Enlisted on 5/14/1861 as a Captain.

On 5/14/1861 he was commissioned into US
Army 14th Infantry

* Major 6/27/1862 by Brevet (Gaines' Mill, VA)
* Lt Colonel 12/13/1862 by Brevet
(Fredericksburg, VA)
* Colonel 3/13/1865 by Brevet

Other Information:
born in Pennsylvania
died 9/16/1867

(Graduate USMA 07/01/1852)