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16497  John T. Rhett  Postwar ALS, 1 p, Columbia, SC Jan. 9, 1889.  
On “John T. Rhett, Law Range” letterhead to Joseph W. Barnwell,
Esq. congratulating him on what appears to be his political
colleague’s accomplishment. “…Hearty congratulations to Henry
and yourself – an event worthy of congratulations.  Perhaps, the
most important event in Nation.  Good name you have given him.  
May he bear it well. Glad you do so…” CSA  Lt. John Rhett was
present at the Battle of Brandy Station when chief scout Capt. Will
Farley was mortally wounded and uttered his last words. As Farley
was being carried off the field he asked Rhett to bring him his
severed leg,” It is an old friend gentlemen and I do not wish to part
with it.”Hinged onto mat board by archival tape. $25