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17111 Capt. Edward Collins issues to William Badger  A Sales of Clothing
Voucher signed by Capt. Edward Collins of the 17th Infantry, 1st quarter
1877, for a pair of trousers for 1st Lieut. William Badger, 6th Infantry,  at
Standing Rock, Dakota Territory.  $95

Collins is known for his 1876 post Little Big Horn (Sept) report on the
conditions of the Indians at Standing Rock.  In part…” In making this
report it may not be improper to remark that I have been stationed at this
Agency for several years and have had the Indian camps more or less
under observation since.  Without wishing to reflect on the administration
of affairs by the different Agents during that time, who, so far as I know
have done the best they could under the system prescribed, I must say the
Indians appear poorer in almost every way, with the exception of horses,
than when I first came to the Agency.
They are badly sheltered, and badly clothed, with an insufficient supply of
blankets for protection and bedding.  They have scarcely any Buffalo
robes, or furs of any kind.  They are not advanced so far as I can’t see a
single step toward civilization, nor have they acquired any habits of self-
support.  As an offset to some extent to the unfavorable outlook they
appear to have been well fed, and their morals do not appear to have
suffered to any great extent in the camps about the Agency, nor do they
appear to have been reduced in any numbers by any disease introduced
among them here. In fact the families are certainly larger than formerly
having many more children than before collection at the Agency. The
Indian population here is evidently on the increase.”

William Badger attended Gilmanton Academy and Graduated from
Dartmouth College in 1848. Badger worked in manufacturing and milling
until the Civil War, when he enlisted in the army at age 35 as a captain of
the 4th New Hampshire Infantry, Co. D. After the war, he became captain
of the Gilmanton Artillery Company and a state recruiting officer with
the 10th New Hampshire Militia. In 1866, he was commissioned as a
lieutenant in the 6th US Infantry and became a quartermaster. During the
height of the Indian Wars, Badger was stationed at Fort Buford and Fort
Lincoln, Dakota Territory, becoming its quartermaster when Custer's 7th
Cavalry was stationed there. He was personally associated with General
Custer. Badger remained with the 6th until he retired in 1889. He died in
Massachusetts in 1897.