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17622  Noted Photographer Wm. Frank Browne photo of Neil
T. Smith of the NY 15th HA
CDV-sized tintype in a patriotic
mat of Neil T. Smith of the NY 15th Heavy Artillery,
backmarked Browne, U.S. Army, Washington, D.C.  Browne
initially worked as the camp photographer of the 5th Michigan
Cavalry, staying with them at their winter encampment at
Stevensburg, VA.  He took some of the earliest portrait
photographs of George Armstrong Custer, commander of the
Michigan Brigade, after that officer’s promotion to Brigadier
General.  In 1864 Browne was employed by Alexander
Gardner.  In early 1865 he was assigned to photograph the
fighting around Richmond, VA.  A collection of 120 of his
photographs were published by Gardner under the title, View
of Confederate Water Batteries on James River.  Browne died
of consumption in 1867.  $350