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18098 Episcopal Bishop Gregory T. Bedell  (1817-1892)  CDV of
Bishop Bedell who began his career as recrot of Church of the
Holy Trinity in West Chester, Pennsylvania then went on to serve
as rector of the Church of the Ascension in New York City. Bedell
was consecrated assistant Bishop of Ohio in 1859. He was the 67th
bishop in the ECUSA, and was consecrated in St. Paul's Church,
Richmond, Virginia by Bishops William Meade, Charles Pettit
McIlvaine, and John Johns, along with other co-consecrators. He
served as assistant bishop for fourteen years and, during the
American Civil War, preached loyalty to the Union. When Bishop
McIlvaine died in 1873, Bedell succeeded him as the third Bishop
of Ohio. In 1875, the diocese was divided into northern and
southern parts, and Bedell remained bishop of the northern part,
which retained the name "Ohio". Backmark James S. Earle &
Son, Philadelphia. $15