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18151  Fifteen Civil War Soldier Letters and a CDV of
Sgt. Calvin Rice of Mass. 1st Cavalry

The CDV features Sgt. Rice in uniform. Backmark
John A. Heard, Tremont Row, Boston.  

The 15 letters come with a typed transcription of each
and 10 have the original envelope.  They are dated
from March 13, 1863 to July 28, 1864.  He was
discharged on Oct. 31, 1864.

Brandy Station Va  December 7, 1863  “Brother
Oscar, ….since I got your letter the Army has
advanced and fallen bak again.  So you see how I have
been situated as far as writing is concerned.  Well, here
namely.  Kept Lee’s army here so that he could not
reinforce Longstreet out in Tenn.  Our regt lost pretty
heavy in this campaign and is the smallest regt in the

Warrenton, Va  Feb. 19, 1864  “Brother Oscar, …It
has been bitter cold here last four of five days.  And I
can assure you that a log cabin is nothing to be laughed
at in this weather.  I should judge by appearances that
the Yankees not being satisfied with sending their men
down here but are going to send the North Pole too….
Yesterday there was some thirty odd men and sixty
horses captured all belonging to Mosby…”

Camp in the Field   June 8, 1864  “Brother Oscar, …I
thought you might as well have a few lines now as my
time.  U.S. Grant has got Lee in front of Richmond and
I suppose will have to dig him out a-la-Vicksburg.  I
have set him until the 4th of July to capture it….”

Fredericksburg Va  May 20, 1864 “ Brother Oscar,
…The war news I consider very good from all quarters
if I except Genl Banks department.  But then his is
small compared to what is going on in this
department.  This is where the decisive blows will be
struck.  And it’s my opinion that they are being done
so already.  And I think Mr. Lee has got in the bag this
time without any holein the bottom of it.  I think the
next three months will be the most glorious months of
this rebellion…”
Calvin Rice

Residence Brighton MA; a 20 year-old
Produce Dealer.

Enlisted on 9/27/1861 as a Corporal.

On 10/5/1861 he mustered into "G"
Co. MA 1st Cavalry
He was discharged on 10/31/1864

* Sergt

Other Information:
born in 1841 in Brighton, MA
Member of GAR Post # 92 (Francis
Washburn) in Brighton, MA