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18250  Check signed by by Col Dorr Iowa 8th Cavalry 1861  
Check endorsed by J.B. Dorr, Colonel of the regiment.  Col.
Dorr was WIA at Waverly, Tenn. on March 6, 1864 and WIA
and POW at Lovejoy Station, Ga. on July 29, 1864.  He died of
disease on May 28, 1865 at Macon, Ga.  $55  

Joseph B. Dorr

Residence Dubuque IA; 36 years old.

Enlisted on 11/5/1861 as a 1st Lieutenant.

On 11/5/1861 he was commissioned into Field & Staff IA 12th
He was discharged for promotion on 5/18/1863

On 9/30/1863 he was commissioned into Field & Staff IA 8th
He died of disease on 5/28/1865 at Macon, GA

He was listed as:
* Missing 4/6/1862 Shiloh, TN
* Wounded 3/6/1864 Waverly, TN
* POW 7/29/1864 Lovejoy Station, GA
* Wounded 7/29/1864 Lovejoy Station, GA
* Returned 11/7/1864 (place not stated)

* 1st Lieut 11/5/1861 (1st Lieut and Quartermaster)
* Colonel 5/18/1863 (As of 8th IA Cavalry)

Other Information:
born in New York