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18279  Abolitionist John Brown  ALS, 1p, 7 ¾” X 12 ¼”  A desirable
and easy to read letter.  Professionally conserved, deacidified and
encased in mylar.   $3,995   

Troy, NY, December 1851.  Simon Perkins, Esq.  “Dear Sir, John and
myself reached here last night after being twice upset in the state, and a
little bruised on the way. My right hand is some crippled which makes
it rather hard for me to write.  I have however got over the confusion of
preparation for absence from home and feel pretty well prepared for
action, and we have been with Mr. Jenkins getting ready to begin
again.  We are delayed from going on today by a mistake of the Defense
but hope to get in last tomorrow, as the other party is on the ground
with his witness.  Mr. Jenkins was on the ground to oppose the motion
about which he wrote us just before I left.  The injunction was not
removed from Warren nor is there likely to be any decision in regard
to it; until January next, so that we are safe about that for the present.  
As the judge who granted us the injunction is a very prominent
member of the bench to whom Warren appealed to get rid of the
injunction; and also a member of the Court to whom appeal must be
made if appealed at all from the decision of the Defense; I think I can in
no way give you so just an idea of how our matters look here, as by
sending you a true copy of his view of the case when he decided to grant
the injunction.  Mr. Jenkins says he thinks there is not much danger
that the Court will at all differ from Judge Harris in their collective
capacity.  We all feel that Warrens movements have done much to
prepare the Court favorably in case of an appeal from decision of
Defense.  We now feel aproned that Warren cannot possibly get rid of
paying whatever judgement we may obtain against him.  In short Mr.
Jenkins says that he thinks we are right side up.  Please find copy
alluded to above.  This case must be finally settled upon the evidence
now taken; on taking unless a higher court may order it taken anew by
the same Defense on account of some illegality which we hope and hurt
may be avoided.  Will report further soon.  Your friend, John Brown. “