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18281  A Wife Writes to her ‘49er Husband  ALS, 4pp, Bingham, Oct. 19, 1851. “
Dear Husband, it is with a degree of satisfaction that I embrace this opportunity
to let you know we are all well at present and hope this will find you as it leaves
us enjoying good health….you wanted to know why Mr. Hull did not let us have
his way well Arthur came out very early and waited some time and so went home
he thought something had happened but its just as well you won’t have to pay for
it. They hear from the California folks often.  Mr. Thornton has sent home 300
dollars Mr. Huels 500.  Mrs. Chase has had a letter from her husband.  They will
get to the mines well the spring…Write us soon, next Sunday if not before for I
shall be anxious to know when you think you shall be at home.  I have one request
to make that is for you to get your miniature taken and bring it home.  Don’t
disappoint me Caroline is going to get hers taken and send it home. George Riley
got his taken before he went to California…So I must conclude by bidding you
good night hopeing we shall soon enjoy each other’s society .  I hope we shall seek
something more durable than this world’s fleeting pleasures.  I still remain your
sincere friend and wife till death separates us….Mary B.Cummings.”  $75