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18528  Eleanor Roosevelt   TLS with nice womens content from Mrs.
Roosevelt to Mrs. Martin H. Schmid on Mobilization for Human
Needs letterhead.

“August 21, 1933, Mrs. Martin H. Schmid, Canton, Ohio.  My dear
Mrs. Schmid:  I am requesting you to serve as Chairman of your
local Women’s Crusade, which will be a part of your welfare fund or
chest campaign this year.

Our committee relies upon your Crusade to arouse public opinion
which will express itself in generous support of the social agencies
essential to our civilization.

Women know from experience how to make a little money go a long
way in providing for their own families and they can therefore
appreciate the task of the community fund agencies in budgeting
their income so that no essential service shall be sacrificed.  They
know how important are the growing years of babyhood, the play
time of boys and girls, the worries and heartaches of burdened
mothers, the anxieties of the old folk.  They are the conservators of
family life.

During the War War, women gave their time and energy
unsparingly.  We have been passing through a period of depression
longer than that of the World War and more corrosive in its effects.  
We have before us a work of recovery and reconstruction.  May we
count on you?  

With every good wish for your local Women’s Crusade, I am, Yours
Sincerely, Eleanor Roosevelt.”

Comes with the card that Mrs. Schmid presented to gain entrance to
the White House on Sept. 8 for the opening meeting of the 1933
Mobilization for Human Needs Conference and an associated  white
house letter from FDR with printed facsimile signature.  An
outstanding group with interesting content.       $450