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18691 Major General S(amual) R Curtis War Date Fort Leavenworth Letter 1p.
4to+.  Fort Leavenworth, Kansas  May 17, 1864  

Maj. Gen. Curtis, Comdg, Dept. of Kansas.  

Dear Sir, On the 7th December 1863 I was appointed a 2nd Lieut & recruiting
officer for the Fort Leavenworth Post Batery by Brig. Gen. Thomas Ewing, then
Comdg Dist. of the Border.  I started to recruit regardless of cost, trouble, or
weather.  I rode to and fro through the State straining every “nerve” to complete the
organization of the Battery.  And now the Co. that I worked so hard to help raise is
transferred to the 16th Kansas Vols. Cav. already for its completion & muster of
three commissioned officers.  But to my surprise, am told there is to be by your
order a nephew of yours mustered into my place, 2nd Lieut.  If such is the case, of
course there is no use of my saying any more.  
But there is one thing left for me yet, that is, if this man that is to muster in my place,
is a gentleman, (which I have no reason to doubt or he would not be fit for the
position) he will at once shell out a few greenbacks say to the amount of a couple of
hundred “scads.”  If the position is worth cheating the man, that is justly entitled to
it, it surely ought to be worth 200 dollars, as it is not one third the money it cost me.

I herewith submit this to you hoping you will favor it with a few minutes of your
leisure time.  And give it your full approval.  I am Dear General, your very obedient
servant, Thomas Barber, now Private Co. C 11th Kansas Vols. Cav.

General Curtis ALS on the back:
Ft. Leavenworth May 18, 1864.  Respectfully inform to Major Hunt who will
investigate the matter here referred to by Thomas Barker Private of Company “C”
and ascertain what claims he has to appointment in place of my nephew who in your
kind and urgent efforts was commissioned by the  Governor who as I suppose is the
only man authorized to appoint officers of the battery.  S. R. Curtis, Maj. Gen.  $450