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19003 Runaway Slaves Plot  Document to Jas. H. Reid of Brentsville, Va.   “ Dear
Sir, I think there is another plan concocted with the negroes of Yorkshire, for their
escape.  Old Nancy has left Yorkshire with an oath she never means to show her
face on the place again.  She swears she will follow her children.  I suppose you will
think the best plan to be suggested is to send an officer after them and have them
confined in jail.  Yr. friend & c.,  J. Seedon Mason   4 January 1845

P.S. If her information as regards her trip is correct she is at Johnson Cockrells.  
Let Johnson Cockrell be responsible with security or put the whole in jail except
Rue & Reuben.  In haste, yr. fr.  J.S.M.