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19016 Berdan Sharpshooter Horace Warner  Cabinet card of Warner wearing a a suit
and cradling an experimental rifle.  Marked Ryder, Syracuse, NY.  Dated on the verso
in period ink “1887.”  $375        

Warner would go on to create his own company for the manufacturing of target rifles
in the later part of the 19th century.

Horace Warner

Residence PA; Enlisted on 10/1/1861 as a 1st Lieutenant.

On 10/1/1861 he was commissioned into "C" Co. US Volunteers 2nd SharpShooters
(date and method of discharge not given)
Horace Warner

Residence was not listed; Enlisted on 12/1/1864 as a 1st Lieutenant.

On 12/1/1864 he was commissioned into "C" Co. US Volunteers 2nd SharpShooters He
was transferred out on 2/18/1865

On 2/18/1865 he transferred into "D" Co. PA 105th Infantry He was discharged on

"One of Berdan’s officers, Horace Warner, said this about the arms in July 1861:

The truth is that I am partial to the American target rifle, believing that there is no
other gun that can exceed it in performance if properly handled. I have worked for
years, alternately at making and using them, and think that I understand their use and
capacity as well as most men in this country. I have a double-barreled cast steel rifle of
my own make, which is a combination of a hunting and target rifle. I have the whole rig
for target practice, such as globe sites, swedged balls, etc."