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19019 Major General O. O. Howard   Signed cabinet card of the
general in uniform with his sword.  His empty right sleeve is pinned
to his belt.  Signed in ink with rank on the bottom front of the card.  
Marked Sarony, 37 Union Square.  Known as the "Christian
general" because he tried to base his policy decisions on his deep
religious piety,[1] he was given charge of the Freedmen's Bureau in
mid-1865, with the mission of integrating the former slaves into
Southern society and politics during the second phase of the
Reconstruction Era. Howard took charge of labor policy, setting up
a system that required freed people to work on former plantation
land under pay scales fixed by the Bureau, on terms negotiated by
the Bureau with white land owners. Howard's Bureau was primarily
responsible for the legal affairs of the freedmen. He attempted to
protect freed blacks from hostile conditions, but lacked adequate
power, and was repeatedly frustrated by President Andrew
Johnson.  Gen. Howard dated the verso “1898.”  $595