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19062 Revolutionary War veteran Alexander Millener, aged 104 (b.1761-d.
Alexander was 104 when this CDV photograph was taken in 1864. This
was part of a series of CDV’s of Revolutionary War Veterans photographed in
1864 which appeared in a book called “Last Men of the Revolution” by Rev.
Elias Hillard, a Congregational Minister and historian. $750  

Here is an excerpt from the book regarding Mr. Millener:
"104 Years Old. Born in Quebec on March 14, 1760. Died in 1865. Fought in
the Battles of White Plains, Brandywine, Monmouth and Yorktown. Also served
in the Navy on board the old frigate Constitution.
Too young at the time of his enlistment for service in the army, Alexander was
enlisted as a drummer boy. Recounting the past, he said he was a great favorite
with Washington. After the beating of the drums of reveille, Washington would
come along and pat him on the head, and call him his boy. On one occasion, “a
bitter cold morning,” he gave him a drink out of his flask. He described
Washington as “a good man, a beautiful man. He was always pleasant; never
changed countenance, but wore the same in defeat and retreat as in victory.
One day the General sent for me to come up to Headquarters. After the Life
Guard came out and paraded, the General told me to play. So I took the drum,
overhauled her, braced her up and played a tune. The General put his hand in
his pocket and gave me three dollars; then one and another gave me more– so I
made out well; in all I got fifteen dollars.”
Milliner was in a number of battles, including Saratoga. Of Burgoyne’s
surrender he said, “The British soldiers looked down-hearted. When the order
came to ‘ground arms,’ one of them exclaimed, with an oath, ‘You are not going
to have my gun!’ and threw it violently on the ground and smashed it. Arnold
was a smart man; they didn’t saerve (sic) him quite straight.” After his service
in the Continental Army, Milliner married Abigail Barton, aged eighteen.
He and his wife lived together for sixty-two years ‘without a death in the family
or a coffin in the house.’ They had nine children, forty-three grand children,
seventeen great-grand children and three great-great-grand children. At the
time of his wife’s death he was one hundred and two years old and still able to
cultivate his garden.
The original book from the 1860’s with this CDV and 5 others of Revolutionary
War Veterans sells for several thousand dollars.

CDV caption below reads ‘Alexander Millener, Aged 104, ONE OF THE
SURVIVORS OF THE REVOLUTION. Entered according to act of Congress,
in the year 1864, by N.A. & R. A. Moore, of Hartford, in the clerk’s office of the
district court of Connecticut.”
Photo shows Millener seated and holding his cane. Backstamp reads, “N.A. &
R. A. Moore / Photographers Corner East of the Allyn House.” Text at bottom
also reads “Additional Copies from the plate from which this picture is taken
can be had if desired.”
CDV is in fine condition with some minor wear due to age . These CDVs are
rare as original photographs of Revolutionary War veterans are hard to come