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19285  Daniel J. Taft  23rd Pennsylvania Infantry  Johnson Island
Prison Guard.
3pp, 8vo., Dark bkue ink ALS, signed Dan and comes
with a copy of a fully signed letter   $175

Johnson’s Island April 1st Friend Calvin, as it has been some time
since I rec’d your letter.  I will write you again.  I am well and hearty
as usual as is also the case I believe with all of the boys from our parts
in the regt. There’s nothing of much importance going on here. There
has been no prisoners taken from here and but eight or ten came
since I wrote you before.  
All the talk now is about the brigade leaving and I presume it will
before long.  Expect we will go back to the Potomac Army.  Gen.
Hintzelman was here today . Brig. Gen. Terry also came over from
town.  They together with Gen. Shaler (commander of this post and
brig.) visited the prisoners within the yard took a ride around the
Island in the “Little Eastern” a small government steamer and then
returned to the city. Don’t know his business here but I suppose he
does so its just as well.
Report says he ordered some of the troops to Ill. To keep the
Copperheads cool. I should like very much to go up there; but I guess
they want us in a different direction.
I was not aware until a short time before Ed Farbor received his box
of commodities that you had sent me some apples. The box came to
the regt Mar 2nd guess the apples had seen most too many cold
nights for there was but one sound one and that was a russet.  I thank
you very much for them just as much as though they had been all
sound and nice.
In the re-organization of the Potomac Army I notice the N. Y. Herald
says this brigade will be the 4th brig. in the 1st division of the 6th
corps instead of the 1st brig in the 3rd div as it formerly has been.
How does these calls for men seem to set on the stomachs of the
copperheads? By the time these calls are filled.  I think the militia
force of Freehold must be rather small.
Write as soon as is convenient and direct as usual. Truly yours, Dan.  

Daniel J. Taft

Residence was not listed;
Enlisted on 8/26/1863 as a Private.

On 8/26/1863 he was drafted into "A" Co. PA 82nd Infantry
He was Mustered Out on 7/13/1865 at Hall's Hill, VA