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19287 Daniel J. Taft   23rd Pennsylvania Infantry  Johnson Island
Prison Guard.
3pp, 8vo., Dark blue ink ALS  $225

Johnson’s Island, April 25th, 1864. Friend Calvin, I received your
letter some days since and now I will proceed to answer it. I was glad
to hear what I did from you but it seems to me that news must be
scarce time precious or something of this kind the matter.  Suppose
you will have to be excused this time though. Since I wrote you before
there has been some changes in the proceedings here.  
Three regts of
NY troops (65th 67th and 122nd) of this brig. left here on the 13th inst.
Gen. Shaler and staff also left. I hear that they have gone back to the
old camps which we left near Brandy Station. Our regt the 23rd Pa and
the 128th Ohio are here now most of the latter regiment (new troops)
came when the others left. Colonel Basset of the 82nd has command of
this post at present. I don’t know whether we will soon go to the front
or remain here this summer. The rebs hate the 128th troops as they
would the Devil. When the 128th are on the fence the rebs busy
themselves by blackguarding them and even stoning them – they swear
if all of the old troops leave they will make a break and raise hob
generally. It wouldn’t be wholesome for them to try it now and I guess
there’s not much danger from them at all as long as there is much of a
force here.  Forty two reb officers were landed here on the 13th of this
month for safekeeping.  I understand they were sent from St. Louis.
About 250 sick and maimed prisoners were sent from here to Fortress
Monroe or  Pt. Lookout last week for exchange – to be exchanged for
our well officers at the rate of 4 rebs for 3 of our men.
Had a good sized rainstorm during the last three or four days but has
come off fine again today. Grass is getting up green and nice on the
Island don’t know how it is elsewhere for I haven’t been off the Island
but once since we have been here.
Must bring this to close. Write when you can make it convenient.
Respectfully D. J. Taft  

Daniel J. Taft

Residence was not listed;
Enlisted on 8/26/1863 as a Private.

On 8/26/1863 he was drafted into "A" Co. PA 82nd Infantry
He was Mustered Out on 7/13/1865 at Hall's Hill, VA