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19385  Confederate Prisoner A.W. Roberts 4th LA Johnson’s Island  
One page letter with cover from A. W. Roberts of the LA 4th Infantry
to his cousin Lucie in New Orleans. “ Johnson’s Island, Sandusky,
Ohio May 28, 1864.  Dear Cousin Lucie,  Your interesting letter of the
12th inst. has reached me.  I expected an answer to my previous letter
for a long time until yours to Capt. Whiteman showed me that I had
the mail to blame for not hearing from my cousin.  I hope that after
this I will be able to keep up a regular correspondence with you.  Old
fate shan’t cheat us out of our friendly intercourse, if we are far
separated.  I often think of you.  You know I have a great deal of
leisure here to devote hours of thought to my friends.  I spend the
greatest part of the day on reading.  I promenade for hours every
afternoon in company with friends.  In those walks we often ?  to our
friends.  And then sometimes, Cousing Lucie, in the quiet hours of
night when we lie on our “bunks” we dream of them.  This is
pardonable in the prisoners, is it not? Often in our dreams we are
amidst the clatter of arms, and the roar of artillery.  Then comes in the
sweet image of woman to fill  our hears with comfort, and smooth life’s
rugged pathway.  We wake from these dreams to find ourselves
prisoners on a lone isle, far removed from the dear appreciations of the
past.  If my rosebush is blooming send me a bud in the next.  Write
very soon to your affectionate cousin,  A. W. Roberts.”  $300