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19386 POW Major General Jacob Ford Kent  6th Corp Staff, CDV in
civilian attire.  USMA Class of 1861.  Gen. Kent was made a major in
1863 for gallant and meritorious services in the Battle of Spotsylvania
and Colonel in 1864 for similar services during the campaign before
Richmond.  His HDS record indicates that he was a POW and
Exchanged for Fabius H. Perry 31st NC on 8/27/1862.

Following the Civil War Kent returned to field duty with the 3rd U.S.
Infantry with the rank of captain. He served on the frontier in
Montana, Colorado and Nebraska. In 1885 Kent was promoted to
major of the 4th U.S. Infantry and stationed at Fort Omaha. While he
was posted in Nebraska the Ghost Dance War took place culminating
in the Wounded Knee Massacre. Major Kent and Captain Frank D.
Baldwin were placed in charge of charge of the Wounded Knee
investigation by Major General Nelson A. Miles.

When war with Spain began in May 1898, Kent was appointed
brigadier general of volunteers and assumed command of the First
Division of the Fifth Army Corps, destined for Cuba. His forces landed
at Daiquirí and at the Battle of San Juan Hill his division led the main
attack on San Juan Hill while the Rough Riders led the attack on
nearby Kettle Hill. Kent's division sustained heavy casualties during
the assault: Hamilton S. Hawkins, commanding the First Brigade, was
severely wounded[ and Colonel Charles A. Wikoff, commanding the
Third Brigade, was killed; within half an hour, three more officers
were to assume command of the latter brigade.  However U.S. forces
took the heights and Kent's division participated in the subsequent
Siege of Santiago He was appointed brigadier general in the Regular
Army in October, 1898. He was transferred to the Philippines where
he briefly served before he retired late in 1898. Kent died in 1918.