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19448  Vice Admiral Morton Lyndholm Deyo  
ALS on naval letterhead, 11/25/46 to Miss Smith
in response to her request for his signature.   
Vice Admiral Deyo served in the U. S. Navy for
38 years, winning three medals of personal
honor: the Distinguished Service Medal and the
Legion of Merit with Gold Star. He served in
both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets, providing the
first American escort assistance to allied convoys
to England just prior to the Japanese attack on
Pearl Harbor.  He later commanded naval
gunfire support at Utah Beach in the Normandy
invasion, Task Force 129 at the Bombardment of
Cherbourg, as well as during the invasion of
Southern France.  In the Pacific he commanded
gunfire and covering force for the assault and
occupation of Battle of Okinawa.  At war’s end,
he accepted the surrender of Japanese forces at
Sasebo, Kyushu, and directed the Allied
Occupation of Western Japan.  $50