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19507 Florence Nightingale - CDV portrays the pioneer of modern
nursing, Florence NightingaleCDV
, wearing a dark dress, leaning
against a rail, and crossing her hands.  “The Lady with the Lamp”
came to prominence during the Crimean War when her night rounds
for wounded soldiers got her noticed.  During her lifetime she fought
to improve healthcare for all sections of British society, advocated for
better hunger relief in India, helped to abolish laws regulating
prostitution, and helped women to participate in the workforce.  She
trained nurses and had schools of nursing named in her honor.  She
also wrote Notes on Nursing (1859), which was used in nursing
schools.  Today, International Nurses Day is celebrated on her
birthday. Image is front marked “M. Lenthall Successor to Mc
Kilburn Registered. 222 Regent Street London.”  Back of card also
reads “W.M. Thompson, 20 Cockspur ST., Charing Cross, London, S.
W. Photographic Colourist.”  $200