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19540 George Ruggles ALS  Headquarters Department of the Platte,
Omaha, Neb., Oct. 22, 1875.  My dear Morton, Yours of the 20th inst. is
at hand. I have just sent an order to the frontier for you to proceed to
Russell with laundresses & heavy baggage of your Co. An order will be
issued in three or four days for you & Lt Foster to repair to Omaha for a
month. Very truly Yours, Geo D Ruggles


I certify that I have this day taken up the Q.M. Returns of Co. A 3rd Cav
one (1) ?not carried forward from returns of 1st Qtr to 2nd Qtr1878 by
1st Lieit Chas Morton 3rd Cav Commanding the Company . Geo. T.
Chase 2nd Lieut Comandang Co A.    Camp Robinson Neb. Dec 30, 1878