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19542  Camp Douglas Provision List  
“Provisions returned to Capt. McAllester at
Cairo. 4 lbs pork, 4002 lbs bacon, 2224 lbs
shoulders, 8334 lbs. hard bread, 700 lbs.
rice, 806 lbs. hominy, 348 lbs. rio coffee
roasted and ground, 845 lbs. brown sugar.  
Correct copy of invoice sent to Capt.
Richard McAllester.  I do hereby certify
that the above is a correct copy in invoice.  
Shown to me this day by Capt. Abram Sash
Co. A 69 Regt. Ill. Vols, Wm. E. Craib,
Clerk Post Adj., Camp Douglas, Ill. Oct. 1st
1862.”  $85