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19568 Missouri 13th and 25th Infantry and Missouri 5th
Cavalry Oliver P. Newberry
  CDV of the officer in
uniform with his sword, tasseled belt, and kepi. No
backmark. Identified on the back in period ink as “cousin
Perry Newberry.” Trimmed.  $225

This appears to be the only possible option as no Perry
Newberry is found and this is the only officer with a P as a
middle name.

Oliver P. Newberry

Residence was not listed;
Enlisted on 8/1/1861 at Cameron, MO as a 1st Lieutenant.

On 8/1/1861 he was commissioned into "I" Co. MO 13th
He was transferred out on 11/1/1861
(Estimated day of transfer)

On 11/1/1861 he transferred into "I" Co. MO 25th
He was discharged for promotion on 4/28/1863

On 4/28/1863 he was commissioned into Field & Staff MO
5th SM Cavalry
He was discharged on 3/27/1865

* Capt
* Major 4/28/1863 (As of 5th MO SM Infantry)