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20016 Field Telegraph Battery Wagon View of a wagon, used to
hold a large battery that powered the field telegraph, in a
clearing near a Union Army encampment. A man stands at one
end of the wagon and rests one elbow on the wagon as he smokes
a pipe. A second man sits in the wagon writing in a notebook that
lies open on a table in front of him. The wagon features a painted
sign that reads "Military Telegraph H'd Q'rs Battery Wagon"
covers the side of the wagon and tents and soldiers are visible in
the background. By Alexander Gardner and David Knox,
September 1864.  There are some splits in the mount but the
actual photo is great. Mount measures 12” X 15” and the actual
photo  6 3/4 × 9 1/16   $350  (Shipping and insurance will be $20)