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20026 George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Hair Display
A fine ensemble of relics from our two most influential presidents, tiny locks
of three strands of George Washington's hair and three strands of Abraham
Lincoln's hair, each contained within a small magnifying case and matted
beneath color image of their respective owners. Lincoln's hair originated
from the famous sale of the collection of Malcolm Forbes in 2002, having
originally been sold by Christie's in 1992. It was described as: "...Several
strands of Abraham Lincoln's hair, given by the President to Mrs. Caroline
Wright, wife of Governor Joseph A. Wright of Indiana, as a token of their
friendship. This hair relic remained in the family until offered for sale by
Christie's...". The Washington lock descended in the family of nephew George
Steptoe Washington to his great granddaughter Martha Washington of
Philadelphia, great-great-grandniece of President George Washington. Both
locks are accompanied by full provenance.  $475