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20094  Seige of Atlanta :Battle of Utoy Creek  Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman's Union
armies had partially encircled the city of Atlanta, Georgia, which was being held by
Confederate forces under the command of General John Bell Hood. Sherman had at
this point adopted a strategy of attacking the railroad lines into Atlanta, hoping to cut
off his enemies' supplies. This was the third direct attack on Confederate positions
during the campaign and the effect of success would have ended the siege and won
Atlanta on 6 August 1864. These are original orders from Sherman and Schofield.  
They caused quite as stir as General Palmer believed he was Schofield’s superior and
let Sherman know about it in no uncertain terms. Read the links to learn more.  These
are Palmers copies and are not signed by the generals.    The pair $850

Manuscript Field Order from General Schofield- Seige of Atlanta

Headquarters Army of the Ohio
near Atlanta Ga. August 4, 1864
Special Field Orders number 71
To carry out the orders for the day from HdQrs. Military Division of the Miss. - the
following movements will be made. Gen’l Baird’s and Haskell‘s divisions will press
forward close to the enemies works from left to right, make a strong and continuous
demonstration, and even attack in case the character of the enemies works or the
strength of his force indicate that they can be carried.
General Palmer will support General Baird’s right with one division in reserve.
General Cox’s division  - 3 brigades - of the 23rd Army Corps and one Division of
General Palmer’s Corps will be formed into strong columns of attack to the right and
rear of General Baird, prepared to attack the enemy’s position in their front at 2:00
PM. The advance of the attacking force will be immediately preceded by a very strong
line of skirmishers, to drive the enemy into his entrenchments and press close enough
to be able to reconnoiter well the position.

The commanders of the attacking force will quickly reconnoiter the enemies lines and
select the points of attack. If it be found that the enemies works are only ordinary
parapets and without impassable abates or other serious obstructions in front, the
assault will be made at once, so as not to leave time for the enemy to reinforce the
points threatened. If the commanders judge that the enemy’s line cannot be carried the
assault will be delayed and the reconnaissance continued to the right.

If a point of the enemies line be carried the advantage will be pressed as vigorously as
practicable until a point be gained commanding at short musket range the R.R.  The
first of the R.R. to be gained is about east or southeast from the point of attack.

General Cox will swing forward the right of  Baxters and Crittenden’s Brigades so as
to substantially connect General Howard’s right and General Haskell’s left and
strongly entrenched the new position.

General Cox’s attacking column will form on the left (immediately to Bairds right) and
that of General Palmer’s Corps on the right. General Palmers Reserve Division will
support the right. By command of Major General Schofield  Signed by J.A. Campbell
Mag & A.A.G

Manuscript Telegraph from General Sherman to General Thomas- Seige of Atlanta  

August 4, 1864
By telegraph from Shermans
to General Thomas
Order for the days
General Schofield with his own command and General Palmer’s Corps will move
directly on the railroad which leads south out of Atlanta, at any point between
Whitehall and East point and will not stop until he has absolute control of that
railroad, but must not go beyond nor extend more to the right than is absolutely
necessary to that end. Generals Thomas and Howard will press close on the enemy on
all points, and reinforce well the points of the line where the enemy is most likely to
rally over on the Decatur Buck Head and Turners Ferry Road, but more especially
watch the outlet along the RR viz: Williams front.  On our right we must assume the
offensive and every man prepared to fight, leaving knapsacks etc. in the present
trenches. Wagons will not be taken east Utoy Creek until General Schofield has
secured position on the railroad or so near it that it can be reached by musketballs and
canister. If necessary to secure this end, ordinary Parapets must be charged and
carried and every hours delay enables the enemy to strengthen, therefore let it be done
(signed) WT Sherman Major General
Signed by Southard Hoffman as AAG Maj Genereal Jno M. Plamer Comd’g 14th
Army Corps

Southard Hoffman

Residence was not listed;
Enlisted on 11/14/1861 as a Captain.

On 11/14/1861 he was commissioned into
US Volunteers Adjutant Genl Dept
He Resigned on 7/11/1865

* Capt 11/14/1861 (Captain & Asst Adjutant General)
* Major 8/22/1862 (Major & Asst Adjutant General)
* Lt Colonel 1/1/1863 (Lieut Colonel & Asst Adjutant General)

Other Information:
born in New Jersey
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