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20168 Theodore Roosevelt Significant TLS as President documenting his keen interest
in the conservation efforts of our National Forests.  $750

The White House Washington
Oyster Bay, N.Y., July 10, 1908 dear Mr. Cox:
I am informed that you have been designated to prepare materials for the use of the
national conservation commission. My keen interest in the work to which you are to
contribute leads me to emphasize it’s importance. By close and vigorous cooperation
with the commission you will render a valuable public service which I shall appreciate
Sincerely yours,
Theodore Roosevelt

In 1908 alone Roosevelt created the following National Monuments:
•        Muir Woods (CA) - 1908
•        Grand Canyon (AZ) - 1908 (now a national park)
•        Pinnacles (CA) - 1908 (now a national park)
•        Jewel Cave (SD) - 1908
•        Natural Bridges (UT) - 1908
•        Lewis & Clark Caverns (MT) - 1908 (now a Montana State Park)
•        Tumacacori (AZ) - 1908
•        Wheeler (CO) - 1908 (now Wheeler Geologic Area, part of Rio Grande National

Mr. William T. Cox,
Forest Service, Department  of Agriculture,
Washington, D. C.