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20310 Large Bible Presented to Naval Captain Lemuel Crane by his friend R.
A. Worrell, Norfolk, VA January 1, 1859.
 Lemuel Crane commanded the USS
Sachem at Hampton Roads.  $350 shipping included.  

Battle of Hampton Roads
After towing service in New York Harbor where the Navy was buying vessels
to blockade the Confederate coast, USS Sachem, commanded by "Acting
Master" Lemuel G. Crane, got underway on March 6, 1862, and with USS
Currituck escorted the just built ironclad USS Monitor to Hampton Roads.
The three ships reached nearby Fort Monroe on the night of March 8, the first
day of the Battle of Hampton Roads. Sachem was present the next day during
Monitor's historic engagement with Confederate ironclad ram, CSS Virginia.
The Confederates built the Virginia by using the raised hull and engines of the
former USS Merrimack—which had been burned and scuttled by U.S. Navy
forces as they retreated from nearby Norfolk Navy Yard when that facility was
seized by the Confederacy early in the Civil War.