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20357 Camp Douglas Prison Camp Manuscript General Order 2PP, legal
size. Headquarters Camp Douglas July 5, 1862

General Order No 7

The Colonel commanding regrets to say that he is daily burdened with the
complaints of neglect of duty on the part of officers in this command. This he
is constrained to believe is owing to the fact that nearly all of our officers are
uninstructed and inexperienced in their duties, a sufficient time however has
now elapsed for all officers who have the disposition and have made the effort
to become acquainted with and instructed in the duties, of their various
positions, and here after they will be held strictly accountable for the proper
discharge of them.

Upon each officer in this camp is devolved certain duties and he will be held
responsible for the proper discharge of them himself and not shirk from them
or throw them upon his superior officer, or upon any other officer or person
whatsoever. Every officer of the camp must remain the whole time in camp,
unless it is absolutely necessary for him to leave it. No commissioned officers
in this camp will under any circumstances leave it without first obtaining the
consent of his regimental commander or if a detached company of the
commanding officer of the post and will immediately on his return report
himself to such commanding officer, all officers or soldiers on detached duty
in any of the departments of the post will procure passes or consent to leave
camp from the chief officer of the department in which he is employed- and all
passes whatsoever will be countersigned at the headquarters of the post.

Company officers will understand that it is not intended that they shall issue a
certain number of passes to the men of their company each day without
regard to a necessity but should issue no pass without first having satisfied
themselves of a positive necessity for it and then send search passes to the
regimental headquarters with the company morning report by 9:00 AM and
all applications for passes to be countersigned at these headquarters must be
made between the hours of 9 and 10 o’clock a.m. Through the proper officer
and come from regimental headquarters.

All communication with the headquarters of the post must be made through
regimental or staff officers except that of officers on duty or when the business
is of a private nature by order of Joseph H Tucker Colonel commanding post
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