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20359 Gen. George J. Stannard's Signed 1864 Vermont
Government Directory
Hard bound and in excellent condition with the exception of some
wear at the corners as evidence of period use and carrying, this
attractive little (4 1/4" x 6 3/4") 104 page Vermont Government
Directory is dated October 1864.  Along with the fly leaf period ink
signature of George J. Stannard the little book retains its original
fold out tissue map of the state of Vermont, diagrams of seating for
the State House of Representatives and Senate Chambers along
with identification of members of these bodies, the State
Constitution with pertinent rules and procedures.  A likely treasure
trove of influential contacts for the Vermonter who organized the
2nd Vermont Volunteer Infantry at the outbreak of the Civil War
and remained with the men of that Regiment in every march and
skirmish till the latter part of May, 1862. It was at that point that
Stannard accepted the commission of colonel of the 9th Vt. on
March 11, 1863.  He was later appointed brigadier-general of
volunteers and placed in command of the 2nd Vt. brigade.  At
Gettysburg Stannard's 2nd Vt. Brigade served with distinction in
repulse of the final Confederate charge.  The General was severely
wounded in the cannonade launched by Longstreet to cover the
Confederate retreat.  Despite his severe wounds suffered on the
field at Gettysburg the Vermont General would again take the field
serving with distinction during Grant's final push to Richmond.  
Stannard was again wounded at Cold Harbor and yet again at
Petersburg.  In the post war years Stannard served door-keeper of
the House of Representatives at Washington, D.C. and he died at
this post on May 31 1886.  The eye appeal of bold gold embossing on
the cover, the signature of the three time wounded commander and
the general excellent condition of this 1864 directory and manual
will make it an attractive addition to any historic Civil War