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21011 Belle Reynolds Nurse CDV, full-standing
portrait of Belle Reynolds (1840-1937) At the start of
the Civil War, Massachusetts-native Belle Reynolds
attached herself to her husband Lieutenant William
S. Reynolds' regiment, the 17th Illinois Volunteers,
serving as a nurse and morale builder throughout the
winter of 1861-1862 in Missouri. Due to her exploits
in helping the wounded soldiers at the battle of
Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862, Belle was commissioned as a
major by the governor of Illinois. She then entered
Vicksburg with the 17th IL and remained with her
regiment until it was mustered out in 1864. Following
the war, Belle became a doctor and operated a
successful practice in Chicago and Santa Barbara,
CA, for many years. She was also involved with
progressive movements at the turn of the twentieth
century. No Back mark.  $550