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Phone: 913-851-8462
21070 Benjamin Trumbull Kneeland New York 1st
Dragoons Surgeon
Bust view of Kneeland in
uniform.  No backmark. A note from the regimental
history: ”None of us will ever forget our thorough
medical examination by Surgeon Kneeland; how he
stripped, pounded, pinched, and pulled us, examining
every limb, bone, muscle, and tooth, tested our hearts
and lungs, accepting only those he could pronounce "
sound as a new silver dollar.”  $150

Residence was not listed; 37 years old.
Enlisted on 7/29/1862 at Suffolk, VA as a Surgeon.
On 7/29/1862 he was commissioned into Field & Staff
NY 1st Dragoons
He was Mustered Out on 6/30/1865 at Cloud's Mills,
Other Information:
born in 1825 in Marcellus, Onandaaga Co, NY
Buried: Hunts Hollow Cemty, Portage, Livingston
Co, NY
(Wife: Harriet Niles Kneeland)