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Saturday August 10, 2013 the Antiques Roadshow came to Kansas City.  A few days earlier I spoke to
Wes Cowan and we arranged to do dinner and some show and tell.  By the way...any of you coming to
Kansas City can have the same show and tell tour so long as you can stand having me show you my
favorite daguerreotypes and miscellaneous other fun history.  Keith Davis, my friend who once
competed in a track meet against Bruce Jenner, joined us for a fun evening of barbecue, hard images
and the reading of a few blood and guts letters from our American history.  Wes graciously offered to
leave passes to the Antiques Roadshow for Linda and me.  We were excited to make it a Saturday
Wes Cowan
I brought three books
from the library of
U.S. Grant (2 signed)
The nifty passes Wes
left us allow us to zip
past the really long
Believe it or not this is
the short line.
Ken Gloss from
Brattle Book Shop
Boston appraising the
Grant Books
The experience was great and we had a wonderful time.  The Grant books turned out be as  good as I thought they
were  (No, they are not currently for sale).  Linda and I decided to run over to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to
look at the new portrait photography exhibit.  For those of you that do not know, the Nelson has one of the finest
photography collections in America thanks to the generous donation of Hallmark.  The majority of this collection was
built by Keith Davis (known at my house as the guy who competed against Bruce Jenner ). Others may think of him as
the senior curator of photography  at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and noted author but I am not sure.
Much to our surprise Keith was there
(pictured on the right) and Daile Kaplan,
VP  and Director of Photographs at
Swann's was being interviewed by Mark
Walberg of the Roadshow (far left).  We
had a nice chat with all three and the
crew filmed Linda and me looking at
photos.  So...who knows?  Perhaps you
will see us when the show airs in 2014.
This is one tiny example of what you
might encounter at the Nelson-Atkins.
A sixth plate ambrotype of a woman
photographer photographing a
woman. Just one of many mind
blowing images in the collection.