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Know your Thermoplastic
The 1/6 plate black case above is the real deal.  It is
called the eagle and Flag and has the correct label of
Littlefield, Parsons and Company.
The brown 1/6 plate plastic case above is a cheap
reproduction of the original Eagle and Flag case. This
one is pretty easy to discern in person. The case is
lightweight plastic and the interior is cheap.
This 1/6 plate brown case is reproduction of a case
called Birds at the Water Fountain. This case has a
weight to it that is similar to an original case. The clasp
is not like that of an old case but rather is magnetic.  
The interior is not the quality of an original case.
This1/4 plate black geometric case is a very well done
reproduction that is being used by modern
daguerreotypist  Mike Robinson.  This case has all the
weight of the original and the interior is well done.  In
some ways this modern case is superior to the original
as it is made from a hard to break (less brittle) phenolic