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Along with Sitting Bull and Gall, Crow King was a leading
war chief of the Hunkpapas during the defeat of General
Armstrong Custer at the Little Bighorn (1876). He escaped to
Canada with other Hunkpapas but returned to the United
States several month before most of Sitting Bull's band.
Wow...pretty exciting guy huh....A great Western chief.  
A good customer of mine contacted me last year to ask
about an identical view on a different mount that
appeared on Ebay last year.  They were concerned that
it might not be good.....why...because they are
knowledgable.  Lets walk though this one step by step.
Red flag #1  is the simple fact that it is an Indian
image.  I've seen more fake Indian images than any
other subject matter.  But hey...there are plenty of
good Indian photos out there so that proves nothing by look at the card....that is an old card, it
even has a chunk missing at the has to be good
doesn't it?
Red flag #2  He's a great Western Chief right?  So why
is the front mark from Ohio? Maybe he was on his way
to Washington to talk to the Great White Father...or
maybe it was the only period cabinet card a crook
could find cheap.  I've had guys come to me at shows
and asked to buy any cabinet cards I have for a dollar
each and the subject matter is not important to them at
all.  What do you think they might want such cards for?
Red flag #3  What does it look like under
magnification.  Paper photos that are in doubt should
always be looked at with a 10 power loup....why?  
Look below.
Hey this thing looks like something from the funny papers.  
Well....that is because it is a printed photo.  It is amazing what
a color laser printer can do these days.  When you see this sort
thing or dots under magnification use the Nancy Reagan
defense and just say no.  This puppy is made to deceive.  Fake
as all get out.